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  • A Simple Mindfulness Visualization

    Mindfulness is the ability to be in the present moment, just as it is, fully and without judgment. But what’s so great about the present moment? What if the present moment feels pretty miserable?

    When we are mindful of the present moment exactly as it is, we aren’t adding to our misery with worries about the future or lamenting the past. When we are fully present to exactly what is, we are free to deal with emotions in healthy ways, and instead of reacting, we are able to determine our best choice of action moving forward. When we increase our ability to stay in the present moment, we are able to live more fully and with greater enjoyment.

    How do we access the present moment? Sometimes it can be helpful to concentrate on specific sensations. I’ve provided a simple visualization which focuses on paying attention to the senses, and you can access it here: